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The nanoplus products portfolio Print E-mail

The primary product of nanoplus are single mode DFB lasers in the NIR and MIR spectral ranges for:

spectroscopy and
telecom applications
DFB laser diodes on c-mount, TO5.6, TO5 headers and in butterfly packaging

nanoplus manufactures NIR single and multi mode lasers at any wavelength requested between 760 and 6000 nm.

MIR single and multi mode lasers are available at many wavelengths between 6 µm and 14 µm.

Single mode lasers are used for applications requiring a single narrow laser emission line such as trace gas detection. Excellent properties like few MHz - range linewidths, high spectral power density and long laser lifetime make these lasers ideal light sources for applications requiring high performance.

Multi mode Fabry Perot lasers are a cost effective alternative for all applications where the requirements on linewidths and stability are less stringent. nanoplus lasers are available in a wide variety of packaging options as well as on chip basis.

nanoplus also offers a variety of accessories for the lasers, such as laser drivers, fiber coupling to the lasers and high performance coolers.

The extensive technology base at nanoplus including epitaxy, electron beam nanolithography, optical lithography, etching and metal or isolator coating techniques is available for customer specific technology development.

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